CrazyBob Game Shows


     What Makes A CrazyBob Game is CrazyBob. It’s his unique style and timing that keeps CrazyBob Games moving to entertain audiences of all ages. CrazyBob is Bob Tier. Bob started entertaining audiences in 1980 as a front man of a children’s puppet troupe. Understanding that the attention span of kids is close to nothing…Bob turns events into non-stop fun.


CrazyBob’s Giveaways – Whether it is all electronics or a mix between i-pods and other gadgets…..this is a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of non-stop activity. As one college student put it “…an elementary school dance on steroids.”


CrazyBob’s Trivia – It’s a combo of Jeopardy, Whammy, CrazyBob and Fun. Contestants earn points by either answering a trivia question, doing an activity, getting the audience involved, singing a kamikaze karaoke song or whatever crazy thing Bob can think of…along the way, possibly stealing points or losing points.


CrazyBob’s “Name That I-Tune” – A fast paced music naming game that gives everyone a chance to participate. Music is from all genres but geared to the audience.


Some other CrazyBob Gameshows (if there is something you want, but it’s not on the list, just ask):


• YouTube Scene It • Spin the Wheel• Team Olympics• Name that Price• Minute to Win It• CrazyBob's Pyramid• CrazyBob's Money Mania• Themed Jeopardy Events

• Feud Challenges

• Card Sharks

• Deal or No Deal

• Battle of the Sexes

• Are You Smarter Than A ...

• Match Game

• CrazyBob's Bingo