How Many People Work for The Party People?


     The Party People is a group of independent entertainers who work based on the needs of the jobs. In addition to disc jockeys, we also work with psychics, caricaturists, casino dealers, hypnotists, some of the area’s finest bands, photo op people, and the list goes on…


     It’s important that the right people show up to make your event a success, and The Party People can make that happen for you.


How Do You Pick the Entertainer for Our Event?


     First, we’ll look at what you say you expect out the entertainer. When we help you choose the ideal entertainers for your event, we’re also looking at the demographics of the audience. For instance, a comedian good for college students may not be appropriate for middle school students.


     We carefully select the right DJ for your event using the same process. Assuming that one individual can “specialize” in all kinds of events and be fantastic at all of them is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Different DJs for different jobs: this is the biggest advantage of going with The Party People.


Can we see a list of music to pick from?


     The Party People has a library of well over 60,000 titles, but why limit yourself to that?


     We have music from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, in a variety of genres. Showing you a complete list would be overwhelming, and since we are constantly adding to the library, it would almost be impossible. It’s amazing; even with all the music we have, we’re still buying specific tracks to accommodate our clients’ wishes, so if there’s something that you want and we don’t have it in our library, we’ll go acquire it.


     Some people would like to have a list because they don’t know what music they want. In those cases, we find that those particular clients aren’t as picky about what they do want as they are about what they don’t want. So, in addition to you giving us your musical wants, you can tell us what you don’t want to us to play. It’s your party, and it should reflect your tastes.


     Still, there are some people who need help picking certain specialty songs … If that’s the case, we’ll be happy to provide you with suggestions to help you narrow your search.


Do You Provide Lighting?


     Short answer: yes! In fact, we sell lighting to other DJs and clubs. We are an authorized American DJ dealer. However, since lighting isn’t the centerpiece of any occasion, we don’t go overboard in the lighting department.


     Lighting should be there to enhance a special event, not overpower it. For most weddings, the lights tend to annoy more than they entertain older guests, so we look at each party individually.


     This is why we don’t charge anything extra to have lighting effects at a party.


How Much Do You Charge?


     All rates are subject to the type of entertainment you are specifically looking for, location, time, and date of your event. An instant price quote works against our philosophy of offering a personalized service. Please contact us with the specifics of your events and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.


Why did it take so long for The Party People to put up a website?


     Over the years we have enjoyed a great reputation in the Berks County Area. Since 80% of our bookings are through referrals, we felt having a website wasn’t necessary to the success of our business. Even without a site, 2008 was one of our busiest years in the history of the company.


     Additionally, we found that most companies use their sites as a way of avoiding contact with their clients; doing surveys, quoting prices online, and even doing FAQs … Sometimes it feels like we’re making it so that the client doesn’t have to talk to us. How are you going to get a feel for the quality of the individual or service if they take extensive steps to limit your interaction with them?


     Also, in looking on the internet, we’ve found there to be a lot of misinformation, and we like to think that a better educated consumer can make better decisions. So, we decided it was time to put together a site help our clients. And in doing so, we found that this site only gives an overview of that we’ve actual done throughout our history. So, although we’re glad you visited the site, we encourage you to contact us for more information, and to talk you about your special event.