Team and Fun Building/ Leadership Development


Team – “A number of individuals with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose and performance goals.”


Team Building – Helping a group work together effectively for the good of the project such that the group will accomplish more than the sum of their individual efforts could otherwise achieve.


Fun Building – A series of activities that allows a group to socially interact in a fun and learning way which stimulates and promotes comorodity.


Leadership – The ability of a person to guide, direct or influence others to get a job done.


The Party People Team Building Program can be experienced on or off your site. Each event is designed to get your group working side by side, building bonds, creating more effective communication, developing trust, establishing goals and a variety of other valuable lessons. We customize these events to your group’s particular needs.


The Party People Leadership Development Program challenges individuals to go beyond their self imposed boundaries to make decisions, to direct others, to be creative problem solvers and to take responsibility. This will help them emerge into future leaders.


The party people has teamed up with Core Leadership Training and Excellence In... to provide you withthe best Leadership Training progams out there.  (Click on their names to read more about them)